Artwork by Daishi

All Esprit D’Air artwork is digitally painted by our own drummer Daishi.

“I like to keep an open approach to the creative process – sometimes I have a vivid image in mind before I begin. Other times, I jump straight in with no particular image in mind and begin creating a chaotic mess using various digital mark-making processes, until I begin to see something and develop it from there.”

“Although the process varies from piece to piece, I am very fond of composition and storytelling and enjoy focusing on those two elements.”

“Also when appropriate I like to leave space for the viewer’s imagination, for example I deliberately showed the figure’s back in “The Hunter” artwork so that nobody knows what her face looks like and they are free to imagine.

There are many parallels between creating music and visual art, both inspire each other. Having the opportunity to do both in Esprit D’Air is very fulfilling.”


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