Esprit D'Air New Album "Oceans" Artwork Revealed


The new artwork for our new album 'Oceans' is here!

Thanks the the support of our fans, we have been able to take it to the next stage with the artwork.

We are now working on the production of the final songs, as well as the t-shirt design.

The last step is the manufacturing of the album and eventual promotion of the album, which can be achieved if we can reach our goal. We are already over halfway towards it with 11 days left.

What if we do not meet our goal in time?

Many fans have asked what if we do not meet the goal in time.

If we do not meet it, don't worry, we will extend the duration of the campaign. We want to be able to meet our deadline to be able to release the album by early 2022. However, if that is not possible, we will continue the campaign until we do because we really want to release this album!

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Esprit D'Air - "Oceans" (The 2nd Album)

Regular price£8.00


£10,318.00raised of £10,000.00 goal

103% funded

The production of this album will start if at least £10,000.00 is contributed by October 31, 2021 20:00 (London). The deadline will allow us to release the album in early 2022.

Calculating time You can still pledge for the project

Be part of our journey to release our long-awaited second album, Oceans

We are Esprit D'Air, a Japanese metal and electronicore band based in London. We are excited to finish recording and release our 2nd album, Oceans.

It has been a while since our debut album, Constellations, but as you may know, we have been releasing new music every six weeks this year, showcasing songs such as 'Leviathan', 'Tsunami', 'Nebulae', and 'Glaciers', which will be a part of the exciting new Oceans album.

The new album combines melody and aggression, sadness and hope, anthems and ethereal soundscapes. We always challenge ourselves to produce something new and exciting with every song and every release to make it unique to Esprit D'Air.

This album will bring Esprit D'Air back into full force with a world tour. We ask you to be a part of this journey to make Oceans, our second album, become a reality.

Thank you for always supporting Esprit D'Air!