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Featured in Kerrang! Radio, TeamRock, PowerPlay, NEO Magazine and MyM Magazine, Constellations is the new debut album by self-signed and DIY J-Rockers Esprit D’Air. The album is released under their own label Starstorm Records on 7th July, containing eight tracks combining heavy riffs and uplifting lyrical themes.

“This is a lovingly made, ferociously loud J-Rock-flavoured space metal with punishingly thrashy outbursts and broody progressive breakdowns. Kai really is the axeman with the plan, reeling around the stage and riffing all over the world. Labels like Roadrunner would be fools not to pay at least a bit of attention.” 

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The CD version contains three bonus tracks!

Featured Track: Ignition

“Ignition is about someone imagining themselves with a different life if they had made different choices. Whilst driving through the city, they are thinking about the choices they have made in the past. It depicts the moment of someone reflecting oneself and making an important decision. The lyrics don’t tell you what the person ends up doing, maybe they are going to leave the city, or stay there to start doing something they have never experienced. Like in real life, there will be some life-changing decisions, some that can make you feel anxious. However, there are some paths that you can only discover from having the courage to take it.” – Kai

Featured Track: Rebirth

“The song ‘Rebirth’ tells the story of a man who finds his voice and sings under the stars, this leads to him becoming the saviour of his town as his voice inspires and refreshes everyone who hears it. The first and second lines allude to the beautiful view of audiences from the stage「青く揺れた星をまとい」”in blurred lights of the blue stars”. The middle bridge implies his bright future, and how he’s moving forward towards it. As Esprit D’Air have just reformed after three years, we feel this is our ‘Rebirth’.” – Kai

Featured Track: Guiding Light

“The guiding light helps us through the journey that defines our lives and the everyday struggles we face. At times, we can feel hopeless and empty, but the light gives us the motivation to keep moving forward and a belief that there’s still hope for the future. The track, Guiding Light, serves to remind us that this feeling exists in all of us, even when things in life turn for the worst – it gives us the will to keep moving forward. I guess you could say that the song is our anthem that tomorrow can be different.” – Kai

The Constellations UK Tour 2018

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