Laptop stolen, Esprit D'Air to re-record new album all over again

Laptop stolen, Esprit D'Air to re-record new album all over again

Esprit D'Air - stolen laptop, re-recording album oceans

You may have noticed Esprit D'Air has been very quiet. This is because we had some upsetting news...

Recently, my computer and its contents of our new album were stolen from us.

This included the master files of our EP, 'Amethyst' and fully finished recordings of our music. Unfortunately, very little backups have been made, and we have to start the recording process for the songs all over again. 

I cannot begin to express how sad and angry I am, but we can only move forward and start again.

The music would have eventually be released in our new album. We were going to call it Oceans

I won't be very active on social media while I focus on remaking Oceans, so please be patient with me while I work on the album. I will do my best.

It is a very bleak time for me right now, but I will stay positive. I am motivated to make the album even better than it was before.

Thank you for being patient with me.


最近、Esprit D'AirのSNS投稿が少ないことに気付いている方たちがいるかもしれませんが、ファンのみんなに報告することがあります。






~ Kai, Esprit D'Air

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