Esprit D'Air is now on Discord!

Esprit D'Air is now on Discord!

Join the chat on our official server

The new Esprit D'Air Discord server is now open for fans to join! Moderated by fans for fans.

Chat with other fans

Chat with like-minded fans about the band and other interests in music, art, gaming and more. We created this space so that fans can get to know each other outside of concerts!

We also have dedicated channels in the Discord server for upcoming concerts. Members can plan group meet-ups before/after the concerts and you can also mark yourself as "Interested" in the Events section, too!

Contribute to the monthly "Fan Picks" playlist

"Fan Picks" is a monthly Spotify playlist curated by YOU! It is updated at the end of every month and you can submit your favorite songs in the Discord channel #fanpicks.

Join the server

You're invited! Click here to join the official Esprit D'Air Discord server.

If you are subscribed as a Patreon member, you can also access the exclusive #patreon-chat and #ask-kai channels.

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