Esprit D'Air to premiere 'Nebulae' tonight on YouTube

Esprit D'Air to premiere 'Nebulae' tonight on YouTube

April 29th, 2021—Esprit D'Air will premiere their new single, 'Nebulae' tonight, exclusively on YouTube.

A clip from the 10th Anniversary Show from October 2020 performing 'Nebulae' will also be premiered after.

Fans are invited to join in on the live chat from 9pm BST (UTC+1) tonight!

Esprit D'Air would like to thank these amazing people for making this possible via Patreon

Christopher Daly, Elena López. Anne G., Famke, Alice Von Black, Rob Harris, Kat, Hannah Lindner, Ariel Welsh, Evy, Sabina Peneaux, dj sakura666, Thor Muto Asmund, Athenea, Jeremy Bosetski, Patrick, psygrr, Hexia Raelun, Ashelia, Sayuki, Sabrina Hofer, David Grealish, Ivan Hollins, Christie Ewell, Joshua Jorgensen, Deamon Rose Cosplay, Kuroyukihime6, Mandy Schisler, Ihadurca, Stephanie Morris, Mary Rhodes, Sandra Groth, Paul Duckworth, Elyara Yoru, Kyira Starborne

You can also help support Esprit D'Air with future releases on Patreon.

'Nebulae' will be released worldwide the next day on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer & all major platforms.

Click here to go to the YouTube Watch Page.

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