You can now stick Kai anywhere you want

You can now stick Kai anywhere you want

An idea by an Esprit D'Air fan that was designed by another Esprit D'Air fan, and fundraised by many Esprit D'Air fans; for Esprit D'Air fans!

New Chibi Kai sticker emoji sheets are now available to pre-order and available to use on our Discord server.

These special Kai emojis and stickers can be found and used on our Discord channel where like-minded fans can hang out and talk about Esprit D'Air as well as other similar interests.

Designed by Andrew Ley, the product is limited to just 100 sticker sheets and be pre-ordered here.

Special thanks to Alex, Andrew, Anna, Ashley, Brenda, Bronte, Cece, Cheryl, Dianne, Famke, Helen, Kerry, Laura, Luke, Nox, Paul, Psygrr, Rowan, Sabrina, Sandy, Sarah (our moderator!), Sayuki, Steve, and Zoe for making this a reality!

Click here to pre-order the limited edition sticker sheet

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