Esprit D'Air - Live in London - O2 Academy Islington

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This is Esprit D'Air. My solo project.

My name is Kai. I make music for myself, and for you, my fans. I stay independent because I truly love what I do with the music of Esprit D'Air.

Since 2016, Esprit D'Air became my solo project.

I restarted it since the band disbanded in 2013. I saw great potential in the project when others didn't.

Since then, I released my award-winning debut album, an EP, a live album, over 13 singles, and toured the UK and Europe, even selling out some shows.

However, the music industry has changed so much in the past couple of decades.

The reality is that many bands really struggle to sustain their careers—including myself, despite having some success. I am putting everything I have into this project while struggling with the expensive monthly rent in the city of London.

I started a Patreon so that I can get the ongoing support and finance to help me create the music you love.

I am currently recording my new album Oceans and releasing new music every six weeks but I cannot do it without additional financial support.

Being a part of the Patreon means that you will get access to exclusive content, including listening to new songs before they are publicly released, and seeing all the cool behind-the-scenes work that goes on. It also gives you, the fans, the opportunity to be closer to me, my work, and other supporters through direct messaging.

Creating music, especially the music of Esprit D'Air means the world to me. If you can support me in any way, I promise to do my best to create more music you love.

Please know that I am also very grateful for any help you can give me.


As you know, releasing new music isn't just about recording the music. We also need to spend money on mixing and mastering, filming and creating music videos, as well as money to market the music to the world, so new fans can find out about us.

The money will be used to create and promote the music. I do not have a social media team, PR, manager, or booking agent. I do everything on my own, so apart from the fees Patreon takes, all of the money will go towards that.

No, I can't. Not yet. Music is a very expensive career and I do not get paid a lot from streaming platforms. I am barely making minimum wage while working 12 hours a day, seven days a week on Esprit D'Air.

I really do need the support from fans to create the music you love! Fans on Patreon help us fund all the cool videos, photoshoots, tours, artwork, and production of the music. Otherwise, there is no way that I, one person, can afford to do this on my own.

Join our Facebook Groups, join us on our YouTube premieres, and buy our t-shirts when you can!

Just keep spreading the word about Esprit D'Air. I appreciate you no matter what.

I understand that your financial situation can change and you may not be able to afford to keep up with the monthly payments. Patreon makes it very flexible for you to cancel anytime via the settings.

Yes. I get asked this a lot and I understand the confusion. In 2016, we publicly announced the line-up as a trio, but in reality, I wanted Esprit D'Air to look like a band with other members.

I was not confident to make it a solo project at the time. The members were happy to appear in photos and videos and to play shows when they can, but they did not contribute to the recordings or writing moving forward from 2016, and they did not want to be a part of the band due to other professional commitments.

For live shows and tours, I hire session musicians and friends to perform with me to make the songs possible to perform live with a full line-up, while the songs themselves are written and recorded by me.

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