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10th Anniversary Live CD
10th Anniversary Live CD

10th Anniversary Live CD

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Live CD

Recorded at KK's Steel Mill

Performance by Kai (Esprit D'Air), and guest musicians Yusuke Okamoto, Kazuki Nishigaki & Andre Joyzi. Sound Engineering by Ays Kura. Special thanks to Jon Smith.

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What our fans say

Esprit D'Air is such an amazing band, and they treat their fans so well. So happy to have merch from the online concert 🖤🖤


Pittsburgh, USA

Esprit D'Air sent me shinies!!! "Unboxing" a shiny treasure I got in the mail today!!! Thank you, Esprit D'Air


Wenatchee, USA

10th Anniversary Live Album, be going on in the car on the way home for sure. So cool.


Stockton on Tees, UK

Huge shoutout for Esprit D'Air. This beautiful album, thank you so much! Not only is the album art gorgeous but the music is a delight to the mind. 


Paisley, UK