Chibi Kai Discord Emoji Fundraiser
Chibi Kai Discord Emoji Fundraiser

Chibi Kai Discord Emoji Fundraiser


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About the Campaign:

This is a fundraising campaign to get new Chibi Kai emoji designed and installed to our Discord server, and to get special vinyl stickers made for our fans!

Our goal: £300 for design, £135 for vinyl stickers (limited to 100pcs).
Total: £435

A message from our Discord moderator, Sarah:

Hey, hey you gorgeous and lovely people! Your friendly neighbourhood fossil mod here

It's so wonderful to see our community and family here grow over 200 members already!

In order to bring a more enhanced experience for all of us we have been working in the background to bring new and exciting things to the server. What are these things you might ask?

You've seen some things such as the new dedicated channels and I host a quiz of sorts every Tuesday in the evening (typically 21:00 GMT). Now, however, we need your help!

The awesomely talented Andrew Ley has been showing us his incredible art work lately and we wish to bring this to all of the Esprit D'Air family here in the form of emojis and more! In order for these new and exciting things to happen we need you, the amazing fan base.

A crowd funding page has been created to raise the funds needed for this awesome project you can even get these amazing emojis in the form of a vinyl sticker pack by selecting that option.

Any contribution no matter how big or small is always welcome!