‘Starstorm’ official music video out now!

‘Starstorm’ official music video out now!

The single version of ‘Starstorm’ is remastered by Metropolis’ Stuart Hawkes, who has worked with big names from Japan, such as Miyavi, Sugizo (X Japan, Luna Sea), and Mika Nakashima, as well as Pendulum, The Prodigy and Enter Shikari.

Following the tradition of their previous releases, the ‘ Starstorm ‘ music video brings together their music and art. The lyrics and artwork depict an otherworldly story of a man in a deserted world struggling to fulfill a promise he made to a friend. He then sees a starstorm, which shows him visions and memories from the past, motivating him to continue and carry out his promise until the very end.

The single release is accompanied by a nightcore/drum and bass remix by Shudan, who remixed ‘Snow’ by Boom Boom Satellites ( Sony Music Japan, JPU Records ) on their 15th-anniversary release, Embrace.

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